>>> Liverpool 08: European Capital of Culture

In the spirit of innovation and with a passionate commitment to England's North West, Carolyn Roberson was invited by Hill Dickinson to join its senior team and negotiate the firm's aim to be involved in Liverpool's European Capital of Culture. 

We announced our pioneering partnership with Liverpool 08: European Capital of Culture in 2004 in a ground-breaking commercial arrangement which positioned the firm as first official partner and exclusive official lawyers in a multi-year commitment. The firm would be backing the extensive programme of themed years, events and plans for the crescendo period, and providing all the legal services for the diverse range of issues relating to corporate affairs, contracts, sponsorship arrangements, broadcast and media activity, events and intellectual property rights. 

Negotiating, bidding for and winning the Capital of Culture appointment was spearheaded by Carolyn, building on her knowledge and relationships from Manchester's Commonwealth Games.   Designing and structuring the sponsorship programmes followed, with key business objectives being set around clients (retention and expansion), new business (targeted growth and cross-selling), brand modernisation and enhancement, profile (and greater awareness), staff involvement, and community contributions.

The main year was a great success with Liverpool, and indeed, the UK, showcased and in the European spotlight. Regeneration and ongoing development of the region has followed. For Hill Dickinson, the investment paid dividends and provided both opportunities and brought results in support of all the key objectives.