Client Testimonials

A long-standing key client was putting its work out to tender as a result of various mergers. Carolyn identified for us as we were working through the tender process that although we were very close to that particular client operationally we were not close to them strategically. As a result, I instructed Carolyn to conduct an independent feedback programme with a number of our key clients. Historically we have often guessed what our clients’ needs are or have made some enquiries but this has not been done in a reliable way. Carolyn visited a wide range of clients and identified where we were doing really well, where we could improve, who our competitors were, what our competitors were doing for that particular client and whether there were any opportunities for further work, and made clear recommendations. Carolyn and I worked together to deliver these recommendations and help colleagues internally. From my perspective as the Managing Partner, the insights that Carolyn obtained have been invaluable.
Law Firm Managing Partner

Carolyn’s pioneering work in client feedback and satisfaction was beginning when we worked together and now, as a client, I have engaged her services to bring an independent perspective and reliable insight into the relationship with my clients. The experience has been refreshing to me and mutually beneficial to both my team and our clients.
In-house Head of Legal

Carolyn’s uniquely structured yet purposeful and human approach to client feedback brings positive outcomes for client and provider, strengthening the relationship by giving transparency to the issues, positive and negative, which are part of any client-supplier relationship. Her organizations have been able to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative.
UK Managing Partner, International Law Firm

We engaged CRC to undertake a client satisfaction project which has been hugely beneficial. It has been a valuable, beneficial and positive exercise which has enhanced our business, culture and people and has ultimately enabled us to become, we believe, one of the best at what we do. Our clients viewed the exercise in a very positive way. It showed we were prepared to look at how we could make positive changes to our business and therefore that we cared. We were quite open about the project so even clients who did not participate were aware about what we were doing and the perception was that they appreciated it.
Chief Operating Officer, Financial Services Company

We found the client satisfaction project hugely beneficial. By using a third party, clients can be open and honest with their feedback, providing us with vital information about our business – what we do well, what we can do better and what we do wrong. It’s a brave step to take and a certain amount of pride needs to be put to one side however, as we tell all the businesses we work with, burying your head in the sand gets you nowhere. If you strive to constantly improve the service you give to your clients you will create strong and long-lasting working relationships which will ultimately have an ongoing, positive impact upon your business. We would highly recommend undertaking this programme.”

There are many businesses that think they are the best at serving their customers’ needs having not received complaint/feedback. Sometimes customers bear with their supplier, through loyalty, cost of looking elsewhere and sometimes simply a reluctance to change. However in a highly competitive world it is really useful to find out what your customers, intermediaries, suppliers etc really think of your organization. We used CRC to independently find out. The results of the feedback were most illuminating and made us realize that we had weaknesses that needed to be strengthened, and strengths that we had were undervalued by us and needed to be marketed better. The people interviewed were more honest than if we had carried out the review ourselves. I would highly recommend this type of programme to any business that is seeking to keep its customer base and build the business.
Chairman of the Board, Financial Services Organisation

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