Starting a business is something I never anticipated or thought possible.

If, through Carolyn Roberson Consulting, I can play a small part in helping other businesses and their people succeed, I will feel it is a worthwhile venture.  I have been fortunate to work with many inspirational people in my business life and have opportunities (and challenges!) beyond my wildest expectations.

I dedicate this business to “RSR” and “EKR”, whose names I seek to honour and whose qualities of integrity, honesty, decency, kindness and courage I aim to live by. These qualities are at the heart of my approach for each and every client of Carolyn Roberson Consulting.

To George and Clementine (and your much loved predecessors), your unconditional love, loyalty, compassion and acceptance embody compassion and forgiveness.

In my first 18 months of operations, I have been privileged to work with a range of businesses and professionals, some of whom have become personal friends and, to them, my thanks go for having the confidence in my business.