Starting a business was something I never anticipated or thought possible. I have now been running CRC Consultancy (UK) Ltd for a decade.

Through the company, I aim to play a small part in helping other businesses and their people succeed and have worked with many inspirational clients in contributing to their growth and development. I have been fortunate to work with many amazing people in my own business life prior to the consultancy and have had opportunities (and challenges!) beyond my wildest expectations. I continue to be challenged and motivated in all I do.

I dedicated this business to “RSR” and “EKR”, whose names I always seek to honour and whose qualities of integrity, honesty, decency, kindness and courage I always aim to live by. These qualities are at the heart of my approach for each and every client of CRC Consultancy. I have been blessed beyond words by these amazing people and realise more so every year how significant they were in their lives and how great their contributions were.

To my darling Clementine (and your much loved predecessors, most recently George who was with us when the business began), your unconditional love, loyalty, compassion and acceptance embody compassion, respect and forgiveness. These qualities are often undervalued in business.

Over the past decade, I have been privileged to work with a wide range of businesses and professionals in the UK, Channel Islands, Europe and beyond. Some of you have become personal friends and, to everyone, my appreciation for having the confidence in my business.