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Tendering: Your worst nightmare or a welcome opportunity?

Gone are the days when work appeared as if by magic, given out by loyal clients or known contacts.  Today, businesses of all shapes and sizes need to prove themselves time and time again, increasingly tendering for one-off projects and large scale appointments only to start the whole tendering process again in 2 or 3 years time. 

2009 is likely to see more long-standing relationships at risk, more tenders, more reviews of costs and services, more focus on best value for money.  Tendering could become an increasingly important part of your business's strategy in these challenging economic times.

It is not uncommon large scale tenders to result in panel appointments, with each subsequent piece of work requiring one or more quotes or tenders.  Tendering is part of every day life, such is the way in which business is conducted -- and increasingly so as the economic climate really sets in.

A tender may come as a complete surprise or it may be a long anticipated fear or opportunity.  It may be informal or highly process-driven over a many months.  Tendering comes with a high price - in time costs alone. 

Few organisations are truly satisfied with their tender success rates and most feel that they could improve their approach.

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